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 George Mehdi

 By Robert Drysdale

April 28, 2021

Updated June 14, 2021


In October 1965 (Oct. 14-17) the World Judo Championship (世界柔道選手権大会) was held in Rio de Janeiro. George Mehdi, also known as Mehdi Kastriget, obviously would have had a keen interest. In fact he represented Brazil as a heavyweight (80 kg).[1] During and after he posed for pictures with some of the competitors and other team members. They included:

Okano Isao 岡野功

Inokuma Isao 猪熊功

Minatoya Hiroshi 湊谷弘

Matsunaga Mitsuo 松永満雄

Yamanaka Kenichi 山中圏一

Sakaguchi Sejii 坂口征二

Matsuda Hirofumi 松田博文

Matsumoto-Kantoku (松本監督, Director Matsumoto

Sone Kōji  曽根康治 (coach)

Kim Eui-Tae 김의태, 金義泰 (South Korea)

Anton Geesink (Holland)

Doug Rogers (Canada)

Plus one unidentified South Korean team member, possibly but probably not 朴吉淳, 박길순, Pak Kil-Soon (based on his size).

In January 1966 Mehdi went to Japan where he trained with some of the Japanese competitors, other Japanese, and some foreigners who were there doing the same thing he was doing. He also met Masahiko Kimura. He returned to Brazil in July. Later he taught a large number of jiu-jitsu representatives including some members of the famous Gracie family.




1.9763. (left to right), Matsunaga Mitsuo, Inokuma Isao, Matsumoto-kantoku, Matsuda Hirofumi, George Mehdi, Sone Kōji



2.9764. George Mehdi, Minatoya Hiroshi 


3.9768. George Mehdi, Inokuma Isao


4. 9765. X, Doug Rogers, Okano Isao, George Mehdi


5. 9769. Okano Isao, George Mehdi, unknown



6. 9770. Sakaguchi Sejii, X, George Mehdi, X, Anton Geesink



7. 9774. Okano Isao, George Mehdi



8. 9762. Okano Isao, George Mehdi



9.538. X, George Mehdi, Okano Isao (right)


10.539. George Mehdi (bottom row, second from right), with 方々 (various judo practitioners, in general)



11. 540. George Mehdi with Okano Isao and (probably his family)


12. 541. Okano Isao, George Mehdi, Inokuma Isao


13. 542. Okano Isao, unknown, X, unknown, George Mehdi in rear


14. 543. George Mehdi, Okano Isao, Kim Eui-Tae


15. 544. Sakaguchi Sejii, George Mehdi, Kim Eui Tae, Unidentified individual 


16. 4641. George Mehdi with Masahiko Kimura.


Below, eleven pictures of George Mehdi, unknown time, place, and people. 









1. Mehdi was eliminated by England's Anthony Sweeny. Other Brazilian representatives were Goro Saito, Roberto David, Manabu Kurachi, (probably Haruo) Nishimura, Lhofei Shiozawa. and Milton Lovato. 

For detailed information see  "The Fourth World Judo Championship" by Lance Belville and Marcel Desert in Black Belt, February 1966, pp. 10-26.  

Some additional details are provided by Hayward Nishioka's "Outlook for Judo" in Black Belt, March 1966, pp. 16-22.

Thanks to Mehdi's student Gilson Campos for sharing the pictures above. Additional details provided by  Fukushima-sensei (福島), Onozawa-sensei (小野沢 ) Sō-sensei (), and  斎院志津子五段 of Kodokan. 


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