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BJJ in Poland, by Jaroslaw Chmiel, November 1, 2022


Top 40 BJJ Goats of All Time, by Robert Drysdale, September 2, 2022


The Toughest Man Alive versus the GOAT, by Roberto Pedreira, (July 30, 2022)


The Fallacy of Submission-Only, by Robert Drysdale (July 23, 2022)


The Politics of Color in Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, Translated with Comments by Roberto Pedreira (July 18, 2022, JST)


Malandragem and Winning in Jiu-Jitsu, by Robert Drysdale, (July 9, 2022)


ADCC's Blind Spot: How to Fix it, by Robert Drysdale (June 18, 2022)


"Winning Takes Care of Everything:" Making IBJJF Rules More Real.  By Robert Drysdale (June 9, 2022)


Learning to Lose: Sakuraba Kazushi, IQ Wrestler (May 21, 2022)


The Crisis in Jiu-Jitsu: Robert Drysdale talks about what can be done (May 18, 2022)


Ashi-Garami 足緘: American Jiu-Jitsu's Most Devastating Weapon (May 13, 2022)


To Gi or not to Gi?   By Robert Drysdale (May 4, 2022, JST) 


The Americanization of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: What Went Wrong? By Robert Drysdale (April  20, 2022)


BJJ’s Closely Guarded Secret Weapon: The Matsuba-Gatame 松葉固め (April 12, 2022)


BJJJ Destroys Judo! (Nov. 9, 2021) 


Books about Jiu-Jitsu history by Roberto Pedreira (2013-2021)


Soi 6 in Pattaya, Thailand, by Roberto Pedreira (restored)


US Marines versus UFC: Who will Win? (July, 7, 2019 JST)


Rickson Gracie Doesn't Like Rubber-Guard (May 11, 2019 JST)


Science and Sanity in BJJ, by guest contributor Robert Drysdale (January 16, 2019 JST)


Smiles and Tears: Floyd Mayweather versus Nasaukawa Tenshin in Rizin 14 (January 1, 2019 JST)

Is The Oswaldo Fadda Lineage a Non-Gracie Lineage?  by guest contributor Robert Drysdale (January 1, 2019)


Floyd Mayweather vs. Nasukawa Tenshin at RIZIN 14, December 31, 2018 (November 7, 2018)


The Day BJJ Lost. A comic book retrospective view of the 1951 Kimura Masahiko vs. Helio Gracie match (October 30, 2018)


Did Luis França Learn Jiu-Jitsu from Conde Koma? By Robert Drysdale (September 1, 2018)


The Evolution of BJJ. Guest column by Robert Drysdale (August 11, 2018)


Rickson Gracie and the Distinguished Art of Thai Tae Tad (March 24, 2018)


How Jiu-Jitsu Can Save Lives and Keep You out of Jail, (February 14, 2018).


Who was Oscar Gracie and who taught him Jiu-Jitsu? By Robert Drysdale (February 13, 2018)


Myths,  Misconceptions, and Misinformation about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Japan (August 30, 2016, Updated January 25, 2018


Saiin Shizuko 5-dan in France  Brest Le Télégrame July 3, 2017 (January 1, 2018).


Judo Destroys BJJ. Two-Time Olympic Judo Champion Utishiba Masato Destroys BJJ Blue Belts, November 26, 2017. (November 27, 2017)


The Art of Selling Self-Defense. Guest Column by Robert Drysdale (September 1, 2017)


Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Post-Fight Analysis (August 27, 2017)


How Floyd Mayweather Jr. might Kill Conor McGregor: Predictions for Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr, August 25, 2017 (posted August 25, 2017)


Planos de Pagamento: Cost of Training in Rio in 1999. (August 8, 2017)


Gracie family Invented Wrestling (luta livre), says Rorion Gracie. (July 18, 2017)


Berimbolo is OK! World BJJ champion Robert Drysdale Disagrees with Rickson (July 7, 2017)


Robert Drysdale is Skeptical about BJJ History. (July 1, 2017)


Why Rickson Gracie hates Berimbolo (June 12, 2017)


Rickson Gracie's Favorite Fighters (June 5, 2017)


The Chinese Connection (Bruce Lee movie) incomplete transcript (updated May 7, 2017)


The Mean Streets of Rio de Janeiro, Translated from Old Brazilian Newspapers by Roberto Pedreira (May 7, 2017)


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu versus Chinese Tai Chi: The Inside Story. (May 6/May 12, 2017)


"Jiu-Jitsu is Gonna Drown"-Rickson Gracie explains how to save it (April 11, 2017)


Who was the Greatest Heavyweight Boxing Champion? (February 1, 2017)


Kron Gracie vs. Kawajiri Tatsuya (January 1, 2017).


What is Jiu-Jitsu? (November 3, 2016).


Kyra Gracie interview (October 1, 2016).


Negative Judo. 2016 Olympic Judo Analysis (September 3, 2016).


Kron Gracie vs. Hideo Tokoro. (September 25, 2016).


Myths about BJJ in Japan (August 20, 2016).


Gracie Jiu-Jitsu vs. Japanese Judo Part 1(August 18, 2016).


Gracie Jiu-Jitsu vs. Japanese Judo Part 2 (August 18, 2016).


Top 13 Classic Historical Myths and Misconceptions about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, by Roberto Pedreira (July 25, 2016).


Roberto Pedreira Answers Four Questions about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu History (June 18, 2016).


Top 3 Myths and Misconceptions from Gracies in Action 2, by Roberto Pedreira (June 1, 2016).


Top 24 Myths and Misconceptions about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Pat Jordan's 1989 Playboy Article about Rorion Gracie, by Roberto Pedreira (May 11, 2016).


Roberto Pedreira Quebra Silêncio [Roberto Pedreira Talks about Revelations about BJJ History] (May 9, 2016).


Top 18 Myths and Misconceptions from Gracies in Action 1, by Roberto Pedreira, (April 19, 2016; updated May 9, 2016)


Top 30 Myths and Misconceptions about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, By Roberto Pedreira (March 17, 2016; updated May 11, 2016).


Rizin December 29, 31 2015. Kron Gracie versus Erson Yamamoto, and other fights.


Classic Japanese MMA Magazine Covers


Guru Brainwashes Family, 2012.


Gene LeBell Reveals his Top 12 Secrets for Lifting Your  Grappling Skills to the Next Level.


Gracie Japan: The Inside Story.


Training in Rio 2006-2008. Recently (July 2013) discovered pictures (annotated) of BJJ in Rio 2006-2008.


The Origins of Jiu-Jitsu: The Father of All Fights", by Dr. Helcio Leal Binda (Ex-Vice President of Federação de Jiu-Jitsu of Rio de Janeiro). Revised by Reyson Gracie. Translated by Roberto Pedreira.


Pattaya, Thailand (Miscellaneous pictures)


Training with the Legend Changpuk Kiatsongrit in Pattaya, Thailand.


The "Best" Style for the Street Is it BJJ? You might be surprised.


Cross-Training Judo for BJJ   


Carlson Gracie 1987 Video Interview 


The Chinese Connection (Bruce Lee movie) incomplete transcript.


Carioca Portuguese and Giria (Brazilian Portuguese and slang for BJJ training in Rio.


Enter the Dragon (Bruce Lee movie) complete transcript, with Exclusive Special Commentary by Roberto Pedreira.


Movement vs. Technique, special essay by John Frankl.




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