The Astonishing True Story of One Man’s Eleven Year Journey from White to Black Belt in the Jiu-Jitsu Academies of the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1997-2008
Meet and train with the masters, legends, myths, heroes, super-stars, and originators of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, up close and personal. 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and Global Training Report founder Roberto Pedreira takes you on an eleven year guided-tour of the academies of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1997-2008. It’s the closest thing to training in Rio from white belt to black belt that you’ll ever experience.

Meet and Train with George Mehdi, Ricardo de la Riva, Romero "Jacare", Cavalcanti, Rosado, Oswaldo Alves, Sergio Malibu, Sergio Bolão Souza, Murilo Bustamante, Royler, Rickson, Reyson, and Robson Gracie, Sylvio Behring, Alvaro Barreto, Leka, Cafe, Aloisio Silva, Sergio Penha, and many many more.

Visit and Train at Academia Gracie (Humaita), Carlson Gracie Academy, Corpo Quatro, and many many more.

Plus: Glossary of Portuguese jiu-jitsu slang
Transcriptions of two original Gracie judo invasions
Extensive notes and documentation.
Confidential Author Profile
Photo supplement with rare pictures.

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Prologue: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Comes to America

1.  Master Jiu-Jitsu

2.  Ricardo Juca

3.  Academia Gracie Humaita

4.  Equipe Fabricio

5.   Alliance Jiu-Jitsu

6.  Kiko Velozo

7.  Dojo Jiu-Jitsu

8.  Sergio Penha

9.  Corpo Quatro

10.  Murilo Bustamante

11. Reyson Gracie

12.  Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

13.  Ricardo de la Riva

14.  George Kastriot Mehdi

15.  Cleiber Maia

16.  151 Rio Branco--Academia Gracie

17.  Alexandre Paiva

18.  Oswaldo Alves

19.  Sergio Bolão Souza

20.  Darrell Gholar

21.  Marcelo Cazuza & Ignacio Aragão

22.  Rosado

23.  Ricardo Vieira

24.  Paulo Mauricio Strauch

25.  Jiu-jitsu in Both Brazils

26.   Luta Livre


Appendix 1: Gracie Judo Challenge, January 13, 1987

Appendix 2: Gracie Judo Challenge, July 27, 1988





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