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Global Training Report


Interview with 

Yuki Nakai


No 44, 4/26 , 2001

Translated by Yoko Kondo


Q: How did you feel about changes in the rules of Pride this time?

Nakai: Well, I think it became violent. I’m scared.

Q: Do you think the way of fighting is going to change under this rule?

Nakai: What I have to say first, there were many fights with difference in weights this time, I think. It will become a criticism, but I am a little scared of the match-make with difference in weights. Honestly speaking, there was too much difference in weights between Sakuraba and Silva even from the medical point of view.

Q: Will difference in weights have more influence on fights because of the new rule?

Nakai: Yes, I think so. Attacks by leg on the ground give a big damage to fighters. I don’t have a clear picture of how the way of fighting is going to change under the rule in which kicking on the ground is permitted, but one thing clear is it is dangerous at the moment when a tackle is crushed. So it might happen that nobody tries to take a tackle. Then more strikes in a standing position might be performed.

Q: More strikes in a standing position……

Nakai: Yes, that’s right. But on the other hand, there is a possibility of increase in being at a deadlock in standing position, isn’t it? Fighters might stop at a corner while grappling with each other. It might rather happen that guard position increases in number. It’s dangerous when a tackle is stopped, so it is a safer way to turn the feet quickly to an opponent. It is something like a Royce-like strategy. It prevents from a big damage. Then get back up after getting tired of that position, then lie down again, just repeat this movement. This kind of deadlock might easily happen in this situation.

Q: Indeed.

Nakai: I am a shoot fighter, so I have been watching shooting for a long time. Except for the shoot rule, I watched Vale Tudo Japan which was held the end of last year. Kicking on the face was permitted only in that competition.

Q: Yes, that’s right.

Nakai: But Sato Rumina was defeated by kicks on the ground by Andre Pedeneirous, and Tatsumi Uchu got a broken eye socket bone by a knee-kick from the side. They got injured and got a big damage. To be honest, I felt something might happen when Pride changed its rule this time. However, I think fighters will think about a new counter-measure. To be sure, it is important to think about how to make fights interesting. It is necessary to consider viewers too. But looking to fighters’ safety can’t be ignored either. Where to find the compromise point between viewers' excitement and fighters' safety will be critical, I think.

(c) 2001, Yoko Kondo. All rights reserved.





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