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  Interview with 

Quinton  "Rampage" Jackson


 After Pride 15

Gong Kakutogi Plus Vol. 14, September 2001

Translated by Kondo Yoko


[Quinton begins the interview complaining of jet-lag.] 

Q: How was Sakuraba?

Jackson: He is an excellent fighter. He choked me out, but I respect him anyway. If possible, I want a rematch. when I'm in good condition, because I had to lose 27 lbs. this time (from 220 lbs. to 193).

Q: Do you usually use "Power Bomb"?

Jackson: That's right. "Body Slam" is my favorite technique. The fans like it too, and I can hurt my opponent a lot.

Q: Do you think you hurt Sakuraba with your "Power Bomb?"

Jackson: Mentally yes, but not much physically. It worked for me before, however.

Q: What is the meaning of the chain around your neck?

Jackson: It is my good luck charm and symbolizes my style [he imitates barking like a dog: woof, woof (in Japanese, "wan, wan")]. Don't I look like a dog?

Q: You were arrested just before coming to Japan. Did it affect your fight in any way?

Jackson: Yes, a lot. And I couldn't wait for this event, so I didn't eat anything for 2 days and had to lose 13 lbs. in one day yesterday. I didn't realize Pride had weight limits, but maybe I'm the only one who had to lose weight.

Q: Why did you have to lose weight?

Jackson: You're asking me? I want to know too! [Quinton's second tells him, "the Pride contract says your weight should be under 88 kg (= 193.5 lbs)"].

Q: What is your fight record so far?

Jackson: Including today? It's 13 wins and 2 loses. It's my first loss by submission.

Q: What is your impression of Sakuraba?

Jackson: He's a nice guy. I like his fighting style too, because he cares about the fans and tries to give them a good show. When I was backstage before the fight, he patted my back and shaked my hands. He's a very good guy.

Q: Are you going to continue to live in a bus?

Jackson: If I have a chance to enter Pride one more time, I'll promise to show the fans an enjoyable fight. So I want them to rent an apartment for me. If it happens, I want to invite that lovely Japanese girl there [pointing to the female cameraman in front of him], a girl like you [the female cameraman looks flustered] (Quinton laughes).

Q: Did you find a good bus in Japan?

Jackson: Your car seems to be good (laughs). 


(c) 2001, Yoko Kondo. All rights reserved.


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