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Global Training Report



Book, Video, DVD 



Videos & DVDs


Felipe Costa The Path to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Success


Gene LeBell Grappling Master (Video and Book)


Paul Vunak Devastating Filipino Grappling Art of Dumog  


Stevan Plinck  Pukulan Pentjak Silat  (Revised 2/6/2002)


Keith Shwartz  Judo Vols. 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17


Kenny Weldon  You Can Learn to Box Vols. 1-3


Nicholas C.Starks  Hardcore Submission Fighting, Vols. 1-3  


Sean O’Grady  In Training, Comeback, Let’s Rumble   


Walt Bayless  Combat Jiu-jitsu Vols. 1-5 


Matt Furey The Martial Art of Wrestling Vols. 1-5




ブラジリアン柔術: セオリー&テクニック (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Theory and Techniques), by Renzo Gracie and Royler Gracie, with help from John Danaher and Kid Peligro. Revd. December 14, 2020.


Opening Closed Guard, 2020, by Robert Drysdale. Revd. October 17, 2020.


柔道の真髄:道と術 (Judo no Shinzui: Michi to Jutsu) 1965 revised edition Tokyo: 誠文堂新光社, by Mifune Kyūz(三船久蔵), rev. by Roberto Pedreira, May 12, 2020.


Yamashita Yasuhiro Tōkon no Judo: Hisshō no Waza to Kokoro 山下泰弘闘魂尾柔道:必勝 1991 東京: ベースボールマガジン社, Rev. by Roberto Pedreira, May 11, 2020.


Good to Go, by Christine Aschwanden. The science of Recovery from Training to increase combat sports efficiency.


Do Vale Tudo Brasileiro ao "Mixed Martial Arts", by João Alberto Barreto, Reviewed by Robert Drysdale


Carlos Gracie: O Criador de uma Dinastia, by Reila Gracie (Part 1, Chapters 1-29) 


Passing the Guard Vol. 1, by Ed Beneville and Tim Cartmell   


Gene LeBell Grappling Master (Book and Video)


Bart Vale's Ultimate Fighting System


Darrel Max Craig  Japan's Ultimate Martial Art: Jujitsu Before 1882 


Mark Animal MacYoung  Taking it to the Street


Ned Beaumont  Championship Streetfighting


 Miscellaneous Reviews and Short Book Notices


Palace of Ashes, by Prof. Mark S. Ferrara (why American higher education is going down the tubes what can be done to rescue it)


Mad Travelers, by Ian Hacking (the history of another fake mental illness)


The Battered Butterfly, by Col. Jake Jacobs (a Philippine bar lady turns up dead. Who dunnit and why?)


Short Reviews of five books









GTR Archives 2000-2020