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Interview with 

Caol Uno

From Kami no Puroresu, No. 34, 2001

Feb. 25, 2001


Interviewed by Noboru Yamaguchi

Translated by Yoko Kondo



Q: Itfs the first time to talk to you in an  interview, isnft it?

Uno: Oh, Yes. Thank you very much for helping me out when I went to Seattle.

Q: Well, I did nothing special. (laughing) There are many things I want to ask you about. Now I called you Uno senshu (fighter), but I wonder what kind of fighter you are now. (laughing)

Uno: I am not a pro wrestlerc wellc.but Ifve never considered myself a kakuto fighter.

Q: What?

Uno: When I had a part time job, I considered myself a freeter. (laughing) [in Japanese, freeter is a person without a steady job.]

Q: Freeter! (laughing)

Uno: Being called a kakuto fighter didnft fit me somehow. In fact, I didnft like to be called by that name, because I couldnft live on only that job.

Q: You are not doing a part-time job now, arenft you?

Uno: Ifm doing at Uno Kaoru Shop now. [Uno is his family name, Kaoru is his personal name, and he writes it in English as Caol.]

Q: Oh! A Goods-related shop! How is your business?

Uno: Well, so so. My mother is the president, and I am the director of public relations. (smiling) So, maybe my title now is a shop manager.

Q: A shop manager, not a fighter (laughing).

Uno: Yes (laughing).

Q: By the way, you created a sensation at the end of the last year of 21st century by participating in gInoki Bom-Ba-Yeh (Dec. 31) after the fight with Sato Rumina (Dec. l7).

Uno: Ifm sorry to get you into a fuss (laughing). But this pattern is exactly what gKami no proresuh expects.

Q: Ha ha ha (laughing). To be sure, you are very interesting lately.

Uno: (Put a little pose for confusing) Is that so? I have to speak carefully today, because gKami proh interview is more sharp than other kakutogi magazines. I made a statement on why I returned the champion belt and what Ifm going to do from now on. And I was thinking to talk about something inoffensive along the statement, but I forgot to bring that paper. I wonder what I should do (laughing).

Q: Generally speaking, a statement isnft interesting. So letfs talk without it (laughing). Looking at you lately, I have an impression that you look good.

Uno: Ha ha (laughing). Thank you very much!

Q: You look serious, or in other words, valiant in the ring.

Uno: Is that so? It must be an effect of the hard training with Mr. Kevin Yamazaki (laughing). Before the fight with Rumina Sato, I had a very hard, but very interesting training with him. After that I did the same training as usual with Mr. Moriyama at Eishukai. I did training as much as I could, so I could come up to the ring feeling that there would be no regret for whatever the result would be.

Q: Kevin-san has a peculiar power as a human, doesnft he?

Uno: He is cc very interesting! (laughing) I enjoyed the training everyday. He taught me a scientific training, which was new to me. So what should I sayc.. he was interesting.

Q: If we describe him in one word, it will be ginterestingh, wonft it?

Uno: Yes, I think so. And he is good at teaching.

Q: He shouts like this, gGo, go, come on!h If you listen to it carefully, it is very confusing which you should go (laughing). But that shout seems to make fightersf power up.

Uno: Exactly. (laughing) In that sense, he is good at controlling our feeling for the better.

Q: He teaches the most advanced scientific training. But a sort of nonsense he has is very important, isnft it?

Uno: (laughing). And Ifm quite forgetful. But he talked to me repeatedly so that I could learn. I was training without thinking before, but I am trying to think lately.

Q: Are you a type of man who usually thinks about things deeply?

Uno: No, Ifm quite superficial. But Ifm obsessive to things I like.

Q: In short, selfish? (laughing)

Uno: Maybe so.

Q: But, being selfish is indispensable to being the top.

Uno: (seriously) Is it true?

Q: Donft trust what I say (laughing). Well, you said before the fight with Rumina, gI have the champion belt, but I will go in with the spirit of a challengerh. I think what is called for most in this age is that spirit, which you try to challenge even after becoming the champion, and try to take a risk toward a new stage. Mr. Inoki is the one who has been doing it as a permanent activity, I think. No matter how many times he is depressed, he never gives up (laughing). Why did you participate in his gInoki Festivalh?

Uno: For one thing, I am a fan of pro wrestling from a long time ago. And Eishukai doesnft have a negative idea against pro wrestling, for the other. In fact, I have been training with pro wrestlers, so I know through the body how strong they are. And Mr. Shoji was injured at that time. I thought a single match might be hard for him.

Q: It was just after Mr. Shoji got the appendix resolved.

Uno: Besides, he was in a terrible condition due to a kick by Almeida at Pride 12. But he made a dash for the fight as soon as he came up the ring of the Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye. He did even keprada(?).

Q: Speaking of technique, you also showed diving elbow and leap frog. And you were caught with thunder fire power bomb  and DDT. You seem to have experienced baptism of pro wrestling a lot. (laughing)

Uno: Thatfs right. And we made rice-cakes after the count-down, didnft we? Mr. Shoji told me then, gIsnft it a dream, is it? Pinch me to make sure!h (laughing)

Q: (laughing) He is funny too.

Uno: There were many fighters gathering there whom I used to watch when I was a child. So I was very happy that I could go in the Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye with them.

Q: Your fight was also interesting, especially the ground move with Matsui at the early stage of the fight.

Uno: Thank you very much.

Q: In the case of Pride or Shoot, some fighting technique are not so clear that viewers have to use a microscope. In pro wrestling, on the other hand, fighting techniques are shown so exaggeratedly that it is easy to see that both of you have the base of kakutogi. If Mr. Yamamoto Kotetsu [who used to be a pro wrestler] was there as a commentator, he would say, gWait a second! These two fighters do a leaping technique too, but their base of ground wrestling are perfecth. (laughing) Adding to it, it is a jujitsu boom now, and you are speedy.

Uno: (Being puzzled) Hac

Q: Well, perhaps you are not used to being praised (laughing).

Uno: (laughing) I just wonder if itfs OK with me to be praised my fight in pro wrestling. I might offend the fans of kakutogi. (laughing)

Q: When you decided to participate in pro wrestling, you must have been criticized by people around.

Uno: There were a lot of criticism seen in Internet. But pro wrestling is nothing but pro wrestling for me. And Renzo, Mark Karr, Coleman, and Mr. Sakuraba, all got together there. If Renzo or Mr. Sakuraba hadnft been there, I wouldnft have been there either. One more reason for that is I thought this chance could bring me a good experience.

Q: How did you feel when you came up the ring? Was it different from that of Shootfighting?

Uno: I seldom get nervous. But I was nervous. I thought something might be thrown at me on a stage passage. (laughing)

Q: (laughing)

Uno: I thought that booing might arise, but I heard a lot of shout of joy too. It surprised me a little bit. It made me even happy, because I had in mind that something dangerous might happen to me.

Q: There are some among the kakutogi fans who feel bad about your participation in pro wrestling. Some people among the pro wrestling fans say too, gDonft do pro wrestling as a temporary work!h or gwe donft want to watch pro wrestling like a kidfs playh. But it is good to hear that you went in with a lot of excitement. Generally speaking, the former welter-weight champion of Shoot never went in pro wrestling, in terms of physique too. (laughing) People who were paying attention to you wondering what your next choice would be cc

Uno: Some people said, gWhere will he go? Pride?h But I chose pro wrestling. (laughing)

Q: Besides, it was the gInoki Bom-Ba-Yeh. (laughing) It was a very good choice from a view poing of gKami proh. Your fight was very interesting from my point of view, but it seems like that Mr. Inoki was mad at it in a waiting room.

Uno: (with anxiety) What? Why is it?

Q: It is the gInoki Bom-Ba-Yah, so he expected a gfighting-spirit pro wrestlingh like the fight between Ogawa and Yasuda. But you showed a gRucha-tekih [translatorfs note: I donft know an exact meaning of gRuchh, but I guess it implies a light mood like in a festival.] fighting there. So I heard that he said watching a monitor, gItfs not a fight I want!h

Uno: (with be disappointed) Is it true?

Q: But even in the fight of Hashimoto vs. Goodridge, there were some parts which threw a question to the fans who were used to watching vale tudo.

Uno: Aaaaaac

Q: What?

Uno: Nothing (laughing). But it was the fight I wanted to do there. I enjoyed it, and 20 minutes passed in a moment. In the beginning, the way I breathe didnft fit it, so I was tired easily and thirsty. But my condition became better from the middle of the fight.

Q: Mr. Sakuraba was out of stamina that day. It seems to be difficult how to distribute stamina.

Uno: (nodding) I found it really difficult to do pro wrestling. And I thought how great pro wrestlers were. These are the reasons why I wanted to go in pro wrestling. I thought this new experience would have a good influence on me. Anyway, I was thinking to do pro wrestling one time as an experience.



(c) 2001, Yoko Kondo, all rights reserved.




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