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 Interview with 

Cleber Luciano

From K-Files vol.6 “Sokuho”

Feb. 1, 2001


Translated by Roberto Pedreira


Q: We've seen you for a long time in the Rickson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Tournament. You've been very active in competition, haven't you?

Cleber:  For sure. After Rickson's tournament, in September I competed in Cesar Gracie's event in Santa Cruz, California.

Q: Was it a tournament?

Cleber: No, it was a one match submission fight, no gi and no striking.  

Q:  In other words, Abu Dhabi style?

Cleber: That's right. I fought someone named Gu Kashiru (????) and won. After that, I won the Machado tournament. That was also Abu Dhabi style. 

Q: It seems that lately there are lots of competitions to enter, other than just jiu-jitsu competitions.

Cleber: They are increasing, I think. And so, the number of fighters who are training to fight under no gi rules is also increasing.

Q: What rules do you personally prefer to fight under?

Cleber: Any rules are ok with me. But if I had to chose, vale tudo suits me best.

Q: It seems you have your own dojo. How is it going?

Cleber: Going well, and getting better.  I have about 150 students now.  I just opened a new dojo in Long Beach, California. When I'm finished teaching here, I go to Long Beach and teach there.

Q: You're really busy, aren't you? 

Cleber: That's very true. I spend all day every day teaching and doing my own training.

Q: By the way, I hear that your teacher Royler Gracie will be in Japan to fight on January 8 fight against a former shoot boxing champion. 

Cleber: That's what I heard too. I don't know much about Royler's opponent. but he'll probably be about the same weight, won't he? Royler will win for sure. I have no doubt. Because Royler's technique is the best. Everything considered, Rickson is the best, but pound for pound, Royler is the top.

Q:  You received your black belt from Royler, didn't you?

Cleber: That's right. Royler is a very demanding teacher so getting a black belt from him is something to be proud of, I think.

Q: Because of that, you'll continue fighting, like Royler does?

Cleber: Exactly!  Even when I'm 40, even when I'm 50, I'll keep on fighting. To be that kind of fighter, it is necessary to train every day.

Q: Thanks for talking with me today.





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