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Guy Mezger

From Kakutogi Tsushin No. 276

May 8, 2001

Translated by Roberto Pedreira


Q:  First, Tra Telligman, who is also a Lions Den fighter, he did a good fight, didn't he.

Guy: His punch was powerful, of course, but more important than that, he never gave up and fought until the end with confidence that he would win. The fans must be happy that he won.

Q: What about your own fight?

Guy: My opponent Egan is a dangerous guy. I didn't want to go to the ground as much as possible. I wanted to fight standing up. There was one dangerous moment but in the end I won according to my strategy. Egan's brother Enson retired, but I believe he is a wonderful athlete. [GTR note: an abrupt transition for sure, but that's what it says]. 

Q: What about the fight between Vanderlei Silva and Sakuraba?

Guy: It was tremendously exciting!  I thought Sakuraba would win but, I was surprised. A striker always has a chance. That's what happened this time.

Q: Last year in January in your first round fight with Sakuraba in Pride GP, what happened was after 20 minutes the fight was a draw, and after that because Mezger refused to continue the fight, Sakuraba was awarded the win. If the decision had been based on the contents of the fight, there were many voices saying that Mezger should get the nod..

Guy: I also think I won (smiles).

Q: Not many fighters can give Sakuraba a tough fight, but you could do it.

Guy: Sakuraba uses his head when he fights, so I used my head too. It was a close  fight. But I stopped his tackles, and I landed punches, so if I had to say, I would say that I won the decision. There are other opinions among people who watched the video, so there's nothing I can do about it. Well, it's difficult to give Sakuraba a hard fight,  but the best way is to aim for KO. I am capable of KO my opponent in fights.

Q: In Pride 10, at the Seibu Dome, you were knocked out by Vanerlei Silva's punch. But just before that, you got a head butt into your face by Silva. You couldn't do anything about it, and a foul was not called. 

Guy: That time Silva was just lucky. Next time it'll be my turn.

Q: By the way, I found your interview written in English in a home page on the internet, and it was really interesting. You reflected on how in the past you had been a passive [shokyokuteki] fighter. And also you criticized yourself in your Pancrase days.

Guy: In recent years I had problems with my internal organs such as my kidney, and I wasn't satisfied with the way I was able to fight. I regret that. 

Q: Your physical condition was falling apart from around the Pancrase period?

Guy: I don't mean that. Because Pancrase at that time was a sport with rules, not like NHB. Pancrase then and Pancrase now are different. But it is more aggressive now I think. [GTR note: the Japanese are using the English word "aggressive", but the nuance is more like "violent and dangerous"].

Q: Then, what do you think about the new Pride rules?

Guy: I am a total sportsman, so I think from the point of view of the competitors, the rules are excessively dangerous.

Q: In Japan, you are called a fighter who participates in a lot of deadlocked fights. Did you know that?

Guy: Ah, I knew that.  For sure, I was focusing too much on not losing. But now my fighting spirit has returned. My attitude [shisei] toward fighting has changed. I'm now again the way I originally was [moo izen no jibun ni modoru koto wa nai ne [before he was passive].  I will never revert to the way I was [jibun ga shinu koto wa moo nai yo [when he was passive].




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