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Book Review

Carlos Gracie: O Criador de uma Dinastia

Rio de Janeiro: Record, 2008

By Reila Gracie

Reviewed by Roberto Pedreira  

Posted  July 12, 2013


Chapter 20


 Carlos was a typical man of his time, in some ways. He liked attractive young girls. After Ida [who was definitely "young"], Carlos had some more ephemeral relationships with girls and one more baby [Reila mentions this as though he bought a new hat]. Carlos decided that sex must only be practiced with the goal of producing life, so before he initiated a relationship, he endeavored to ascertain that the female would not abort the fetus. This was something that nice middle class Brazilian girls obviously wouldn't accept. They were expected to marry as virgins and with their parents' approval. But Carlos also knew "free" girls who could surreptitiously enter into "relationships" for fun.   But things weren't simple. Carlos was already the father of seven children, he was "eccentric," he had an "estilo de vida" [life style} that was outside of the normal pattern, and on top of that, he wanted his lady friends to pop out one baby after another. Being a typical man of his time, Carlos preferred women who were on an intellectual level lower than himself, who were submissive, who would give him many babies and would live for the family, who would follow his "orientation" concerning what to eat and how to live. Or just have babies and give them to Carlos to raise according to his philosophy.

Sexually, Carlos was conservative.  Sex must be pure and hygienic. There was no place in his thinking for oral sex, much less anal. However, he was caring, loving, virile, and well-endowed [bem-dotado] so his lack of willingness to experiment or go beyond the boundaries of nature did not bother his "women." On he contrary, because unlike the majority of men of the era, Carlos was concerned with the "female orgasm."  He  applied his research technique to the study of the female orgasm and figured out how to bring his "women" to the "finish line." If they suffered from a mental block or other difficulty, he wanted to know the source of the problem so that he could help them overcome it. He developed a high degree of "autocontrole" [self control] so that he could last a long time in order to satisfy his "women" without great problems.

A few people on Brazilian discussion forums commented that this is more than they wanted to know about Carlos' Gracie's sex life. But Reila is not about pulling punches or marketing [not intentionally at least.] Just as Carlos was a man of his time, Reila is a woman of her time. She grew up post 60's. Despite being under a dictatorship of Five Generals from 1964 to 1985, Brazil experienced the same cultural revolution that transformed America and Western Europe. The Five Generals were concerned with power and the distribution of wealth. They didn't particularly care if someone listened to Beatles records or had oral or anal sex as long as they didn't try to overthrow the government or take anything from the people who already had it [drugs were not OK]. In any case, many people will probably know more about Carlos Gracie's sex life than they wanted to know after finishing Chapter 20.

With these requirements, Carlos gravitated to girls from the lower social classes. The majority of them were maids who worked in his house. One was Lina [Reila didn't mention in Chapter 18 that Iida had also been a maid in Carlos' house. She started as a maid, became a jiu-jitsu "student," then got pregnant and then was abandoned for reasons that were never plausibly explained. Maybe she refused to follow his "orientation?" ]. Lina became pregnant. Carlos advertised for a babá [someone to take care of babies]. In short order a 17 year old mixed-race girl appeared, calling herself "Carmem" [the name of Carlos' first wife, who was also a mixed-race girl from the lower social class.]  Carlos couldn't disguise his enthusiasm and Oscar Santa Maria predicted that they would have a long history together. Her real name however wasn't Carmem. She adopted that name because wanted to be a singer like her idol Carmem Costa. Her real name was Geni.  The relationship with Lina was brief. She was difficult and aggressive [or maybe she didn't care for Carlos' estilo de vida and didn't want to serve him and have one baby after another?]. She was soon replaced by Geni. 

Carlos dove deeper into the mysteries of his esoteric philosophy. Geni was enlisted as a sort of spectator but Reila does not indicate that she was compelled to participate. Maybe Carlos didn't think it was appropriate for lower class girls of inferior intellectual ability [or maybe he already had everything that he needed or could get from her, unlike Oscar Santa Maria, who had deep pockets?]  For her part, Geni thought that his behavior was the strangest thing that she had even seen [some of which Reila describes on p. 189] but in general, she had no complaints or regrets. Many years later at the age of 75, she declared "I was very lucky to marry a man who wanted to have sex to produce children....there isn't another man on earth who compares to him. With those blue eyes, he looked like a saint."



Chapter 21. Fortaleza, Década de 1940


(c) 2013, Roberto Pedreira. All rights reserved.




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