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Book Review

Carlos Gracie: O Criador de uma Dinastia

Rio de Janeiro: Record, 2008

By Reila Gracie

Reviewed by Roberto Pedreira  

Posted  August 16, 2013


Chapter 25 



 Helio lived with Margarida in the Flamengo beach neighborhood apartment that her father gave her. The apartment served as their home, as a sewing workshop, and as an academy of "jiu-jitsu" where Helio taught his privates. 

Helio tried  to get Maragrida pregnant, as was his biological function as a man on earth, but after seven years with no results to show for it, he finally gave up.1  Margarida kept busy designing clothes, while Helio spent the day on the tatame giving individual  lessons. Carlos was in Fortaleza but kept in close contact with his brother. He regarded his home dojo [academia residencial] as a natural continuation of the old school on Marques de Abrantes. When his students went to Rio, they trained with Helio, and some, such as Pedro Hemetério, stayed with him in the apartment. Like Helio, Margarida also viewed Carlos as a spiritual guide, as a more evolved human being, someone who had found the "Path" ["Senda"],  who had direct communication with "mestre Lasjovinho." She endeavored  to follow his teachings. 

Carlos convinced Helio and Margarda to raise his kids from his marriage to Carmem. He also convinced them that if they would accept this mission of raising his kids for him, she and Helio would be able to produce their own children. He even predicted the number of kids Helio would have. Helio believed him.

Helio went to Fortaleza at the end of 1945 to get  Carlson and Robson to bring them back to the apartment in Rio. There wasn't much to eat on the ship, but they arrived in one piece. They were met by Oscar Santa Maria, and by Margarida's mum and sister. 

Several months later Carlos brought his three daughters, and soon Reyson and Oneica. Oneica was then 5 years old, Reyson was 4. Helio and Margarida were tasked with raising Carlos' seven children from three different  mothers. Oscar Santa Maria was given the job of educating the kids. It didn't seem to work out. Carlson especially was not one for books and his influence overwhelmed the other boys. 

Until that time, Carlos had followed Reyson's development through letters from Oscar Santa Maria. Oneica lived with her mum and a Portuguese man named Quincas. They didn't get along. When she was 61, Oneica remembered her first meeting with her dad (she was 5 at the time). He looked like Santa Claus, she remembered, but very friendly,  nice, and calm. One day he sat on a chair and put her on his lap and told her "your name is Eneida but from this day on you shall be known as 'Oneica'". She didn't like that. In one week she had changed families and names. She felt like she had lost her identity. Up to that time she had thought that the Portuguese man was her father. One day he got angry and tore up all of Lida's [Oneica's mum] clothes. She thought that maybe that had something to do with her going to live with Helio, but she wasn't sure.

Educated in a chaotic and eccentric style, not without psychological costs, Carlos thought that it was natural for him to inflict such conditions on his kids. But the kids learned to see the positive side of things and to be adaptable to change. He wanted them to be educated in his nutritional theories, his philosophy of life, and his religious beliefs. Because he had formed an unbreakable partnership with Helio, Carlos was confident that they would be raised according to his concept of family, which was very different from the conventional model.

Helio was in constant communication with Carlos. He asked for orientation about everything. Not only raising kids, but everything. Margarida went to Noguiera. Should he visit her there? If so, with the kids, or without?  A student name Pimental .agreed to pay for 30 lessonss, over two months. Should he get a discount or not? Conceição, the maid, had been coughing for several days and wanted to take a rest. What should he do? He wanted to rent an apartment. He much should he pay? Carlson had a white spot on his face. What should he do?

Helio also wrote to Carlos to express his feeling that he was becoming spiritually enhanced [engrandecimento espiritual] and to express his appreciation and love to Carlos for allowing him to be used to serve the purposes  of the "Path."

Helio's letters were similar to those of Oscar Santa Maria. They both felt that they had become more evolved spiritually and gave credit to the orientations of Carlos, who instructed them in the "Path" as he learned it from the secret master.

Carlos didn't create his own religion. He was a follower of the Russian Helena Petrovna Blavatsk and her Theosophy.  Like her, Carlos believed that humans can be united with God and rise to a higher spiritual level. People don't have to die. In fact they can't because death doesn't exist. He believed in reincarnation. Every life is a step in the progression toward illumination [or enlightenment]. 

Everyone had confidence in his advice, as if he had a crystal ball and knew the past, present, and future. Infected by his energy, they became dependent on his leadership. It wasn't just Helio, Margardia and Oscar Santa Maria. Others, including Eloy Dutra the journalist, and Peixoto, from the Bank of Brasil, consulted him on the smallest matters and even matters of love and food. Everyone believed that Carlos was an enlightened and privileged person due to his direct access to the master Egidio Lasvojino.



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Chapter 26




1. To be more exact, Reila says that "she  stopped trying, and Helio went along with it ["ela havia desistido de tentar engravidar, e Hélio também se conformara"].

Helio, like Carlos, only had sex in order to generate new life, as he explained in the famous 2011 Brazil Playboy interview, and other forms of conjugal intimacy of a sexual nature were strictly taboo. Since new life was not being produced by his bed-time labors, Helio decided that copulation with his wife was a waste of time and effort. He was perfectly explicit in saying this, although by that time he may have sort of forgotten what it was like to spend private moments with an attractive woman. But on the other hand, maybe he really did only do it to make babies. 


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