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Book Review

Carlos Gracie: O Criador de uma Dinastia

Rio de Janeiro: Record, 2008

By Reila Gracie

Reviewed by Roberto Pedreira  

Posted  September 13, 2013


Chapter 26 


In São Paulo where he had been living for several years, George met the woman of his life. Her name was Angelina, more succinctly, called Lina. She was the daughter of his business partner Eurico Rocha. They promoted fake wrestling shows1 at Pacaembu together, which provided George with a reasonable income. 

Lina had been married off by her rigid and conservative Italian father when she was 15 years old, to a musician. A year and a half later, obvious that his music career wasn't going to earn him enough to support Lina, Eurico pulled her out of the relationship and began looking around for a more financially stable man. George had separated from his first woman, and was living with a gaúcha,2 who was a worldly woman. 

George saw Lina and was smitten. He decided to live with her and sent the gaúcha back south. George couldn't marry Lina because she was already married and divorce was illegal in Brazil at that time. But Lina didn't let anyone tell her what to do (except her father, the first time). And anyway, Brazilians just ignored the law and found a "way" around it. They just went ahead and lived together. George was twice Lina's age, but she didn't care. But what she couldn't have imagined was that the life of the gallant George would be a repetition of his own father's life with Cesalina [George's mum]. George adopted the same chaotic life-style of his father.

Lina's first encounter with that would come soon. George dissolved his business relationship with the wrestling shows at Pacaembu. They paid him off with 20,000 cruzeiros in cash, and a check for 30,000 cruzerios. 

On his way out George passed a foreign car dealership and decided to buy a Buick 47 convertible. He paid the down-payment with the cash, intending to pay off the rest with the check. But the check bounced. 

His father Gastão took pity on George and pawned his wife's ring and gave him the cash. This is how George inaugurated the life that he would spend with Lina for the next 26 years.



Chapter 27





1. "lutas de marmeladas do tipo telecatch." = fake pro-wrestling.

2. Argentine woman, or female from Rio Grande do Sul.


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