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Book Review

Carlos Gracie: O Criador de uma Dinastia

  Rio de Janeiro: Record, 2008

By Reila Gracie

Reviewed by Roberto Pedreira  

Posted  September 20, 2013

 Chapter 27


As Reila previously explained, Carlos had given Helio and Margarida the job of raising his kids, promising them that she would get pregnant if they did, which they both believed.

Carlos believed in what might be called now "free range kids." He didn't want them to learn the ways of a corrupt society. Schools and such things, clothes, good manners, reading and writing, arithmetic and so on, these were not what he wanted for his "dinastia."

Margarida had other ideas. She thought the kids would be better off living in society, where they were after all going to have to live, with some basic "social skills." She took her job seriously. Too seriously. She was strict and punished them severely. Helio on the other had was a softy and tried to ameliorate the excesses of Margarida.

There were now seven kids living with Helio and Margarida in her four room apartment which also served as a jiu-jitsu academy. It was not an easy job.

Carlos considered renting a more capacious apartment for them but decided that wasn't good enough.  He had bigger projects in mind. He invited them to come to Fortaleza and spend some time there. Helio liked the idea. Margarida liked it also. 

Helio and Margarida suffered from discrimination in Fortaleza because they weren't officially married. But apart from that everything was ok.

Carlos' decision to invite Helio to Fortaleza was part of his scheme to get him back into the ring. Soon after arriving, Helio put on his kimono. Carlos organized a jiu-jitsu show. Helio would (Carlos planned) fight a challenger, while he (Carlos) would give some demonstrations. Pedro Hemetério and João Gentil Junior would also be involved.  In addition to Helio's fight, Carlos planned eight other fights with 16 athletes. Carlos would demonstrate his flexibility. There would demonstrations of jiu-jitsu against knife, club, and revolver and various other aggressions, all acted out in slow-motion. Carlos planned to donate the profits to the Casa do Jornalista do Ceará in appreciation for the contribution that he press was making in divulging his jiu-jitsu.

Throughout almost the entire month of January the press provided free publicity. Helio offered 10,000 cruzerios to anyone who could overcome his defense on the stage of the Theatro José de Alencar

Carlos and Helio never had rivalries or even petty disagreements because they each respected the other's place in the hierarchy of jiu-jitsu. Even after he had become famous Helio gave his bother full props. As he told Correio do Ceará1 in 1947, "Carlos is the real introducer and spreader of pure jiu-jitsu in Brazil."  

It was at this time, in Fortaleza, that Helio and Margarida met Rosa (aka Rosinha). Rosa became their babá das crianças [au pair]. She would later play a very important role in their lives and in the Gracie story.2


Chapter 28

1948-Introdução ao Jiu-Jitsu.



1. It was in this same interview that Helio told about how he jumped into the Atlantic Ocean to save a drowning man.  See chapter 25).

2. It is safe to say that there wouldn't be a Gracie Story without Rosa.



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