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Book Review

Carlos Gracie: O Criador de uma Dinastia

Rio de Janeiro: Record, 2008

By Reila Gracie

Reviewed by Roberto Pedreira  

Posted  October 4, 2013


Chapter 29 


Layr was an important person in Carlos Gracie's life,  in Reila's life, and in the Gracie saga. Layr was Reila's mum, and also the mum of Carlos Jr., Carla, Crolin, Rillion, and Kirla. As readers of this review by now know, Carlos liked young girls. That isn't unusual. Most men do. What was unusual was that he insisted on getting them all pregnant as fast as possible. Layr was also unusual among Carlos' girls in several ways. She wasn't an uneducated poor girl from the lower layers of society, and she didn't work for him as a maid.  She was also engaged [never married] to Carlos's best friend Oscar Santa Maria.

Oscar met Layr in 1949. She was 21, a bit older than the girls Carlos generally targeted, but she looked younger than her age, and was sexually inexperienced, a condition that was not changed by her seven-year engagement to Oscar Santa Maria. 

One month later Oscar introduced her to his spiritual guide Carlos Gracie, who was Layr's father's age, or a bit older.  Carlos liked what he saw. Reila says Layr looked like American movie star Gracie Kelly, and photos indicate that she was indeed, quite remarkably attractive. Although he was still expanding his clan with Geni (who was getting tired of having babies), and there was Claudia yet to come [Claudia was the biological mum of Rolls--she was also "young" and worked as a domestic helper for Carlos and Geni; Reila will discuss Claudia in a later chapter] . Carlos had a premonition that Layr's destiny was intertwined with his own.  

Reila describes the course of Layr's relationship with Oscar. One day Oscar noticed a young man driving by, calling for Layr. Jealous, Oscar asked who the impertinent  upstart was. It was her former boyfriend, Marionzinho, she told him. He was very attractive and Layr, like all the other girls, went for him. But he was irresponsible so she had no option but to cast him adrift, albeit reluctantly. Marionzinho, however didn't want to go his own way, and hung around pestering her. Oscar wanted to deal summarily with the boy, but didn't feel comfortable with violence. Marionzinho had a reputation for rough stuff and on top of that was taking jiu-jitsu lessons at the Clube de Regatas do Flamengo. He was friends with Helio Gracie.  Oscar asked Carlos to ask Helio to ask Marionzinho to lay off, and he did, leaving Oscar and Layr in peace to pursue their relationship...........

Until 1956 at least. The arrival of Carlos Jr. put a serious crimp in Oscar's relationship with Layr.


With this, Parte I of Carlos Gracie: O Criador de uma Dinastia is concluded. 

(c) 2013, Roberto Pedreira. All rights reserved.













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