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Global Training Report


        Interview with

Royler Gracie

with Comment by Rickson Gracie

SRSDX  No. 39

February 8, 2001


Translated by Roberto Pedreira


Question: What was your impression of Murahama?

Royler: He was a difficult opponent, but I knew he would be.

Question: In the 2nd round Murahama caught you with a right punch. What effect did it have?

Royler: It didn't have any effect.

Question: It seemed that you had many chances to choke him.....  

Royler: The chances were many but the conditions were not right..

Question: Was that because Murahama's defense was good?

Royler: His defense was good, but it was what I didn't do more than what he did do  [that saved him].

Question: What do you mean? 

Royler: I'll have to think about that. [It's a long story]..

Question: One round was 10 minutes. Would a 15 minute round have been enough to finish him?

Royler: I don't think it's a question of 15 minutes, or 30 minutes. I don't care about time.

Question: Murahama said that if the fight had to be decided by a judge's decision, then he would consider himself the loser [in other words, if he couldn't KO Royler]. What do you think about that?

Royler: I don't think I lost and I don't think Murahama lost. Technically, it was 50-50.

Question: Before the fight, people said that you would easily win overwhelmingly. But the actual result was a draw. What do you think about that?

Royler: Everyone thinks that we who have the Gracie name will win every time, but we don't assume that our name alone is enough to beat every opponent.

Question: This was Murahama's first vale tudo fight [ "VT ga hajimete no green boy...."] . But you couldn't beat him. Why was that?

Royler: It may have been his first vale tudo fight, but he has had a lot of fights [Murahama is a former kickboxing champion]. So he can't say it was a lack of experience. His stand-up game was strong, but his ground game was lacking. I think.

Question (to Rickson): What did you think about the fight today?

Rickson: I think it was a very good fight. On stand-up, Murahama was better, while on the ground Royler was better. Royler had a lot of chances, but the time ran out. When time is gone, it can't return. Once the opportunity is missed, that's it.

Question: Murahama said that he thought he would be able to land more punches, but Royler kept his distance well. Did you specifically practice this for the fight?

Royler: Just a little bit. I trained with my coach for about ten days [the sentence does not mention when], but it wasn't specifically for the Murahama fight.. 

Question: In round 2 you were in Murahama's guard, but we couldn't see any attempt on your part to pass.......

Royler:  The timing wasn't right.

Question: Would you like to fight Murahama again? 

Royler: It was a good fight. If I have a chance to do it again, I think I'd like to. But it isn't up to me to pick my opponents.

Question:  Was your condition good?

Royler: Very good. The dry Japanese air didn't quite suit me, but anyway, there's one last thing I want to say. I was happy to be able to come to Japan. It's not easy to fight here. So I really appreciate DEEP 2001.  

(c) 2001, Roberto Pedreira. All rights reserved.


**Royler appears in Gracie in Action , accepting a challenge from a kenpo expert. Rorion's commentary is, as usual, definitive. You can order GIA below: